Thursday, 20 October 2016


With Diwali - the festival of lights coming near, lets start off with the sweet delicacies to make the festivities and celebrations even sweeter .... Kanavle ... Layered Karanji




Maida / refined flour
1 cup
A pinch
Hot ghee / clarified butter
1 tsp
red / pink food colour
1 drop

Cornflour powder
2 tbsp
Vanaspati ghee / hydrogenated Vegetable oil
2 – 3 tbsp

Maida / refined flour (heaped)
2 cups
Fine rawa / fine semolina (flat)
1 cup
Powdered sugar
3 cups
Ghee / clarified butter
¾ - 1 cup
Khopra / dry coconut (grated, dry roasted and crumbled)
2 cups
Velchi pdr / Elaichi pdr / cardamom pdr
1 ½ tsp
Almonds powdered
½ cup
Cashewnuts powdered
½ cup



1.       To the maida add salt and hot ghee. Rub it all together.

2.       Add water little at a time as required and knead to a smooth medium soft dough.

3.       Divide the dough into 5 portions.

4.       To the 2 portions add the food colour and knead it in. leave the other 3 portions white.

5.       Even if the food colour does not mix in well and gives a streaky colour to the dough its ok.

6.       Cover the 5 portions and allow them to rest for around 2 hours.


7.       To the cornflour add warm vegetable oil and mix it in to form a thick but spreadable paste.


8.       Heat ghee in a pan.

9.       Add in the maida and rawa.

10.    Dry roast the rawa and maida in ghee on a slow flame till it changes colour and turns a light pink.

11.    Remove and allow to cool.

12.   Now to it add the khopra, powdered sugar, almond powder, cashewnut powder and elaichi pdr. Mix all well.


13.   Take 1 portion of the dough ball and roll it out into a chapatti as thinly as possible. Use fry flour for it if required.

14.   Repeat the same for all the 5 balls, roll them out into 5 chapattis, all of the same size. Keep them aside.

15.   Keep a white chapatti at the base. Apply a generous but thin layer of the prepared sata on to the chapatti. Make sure you take it till the edges.

16.   On this keep the coloured chapatti and apply sata liberally on it.

17.   In this way continue with all the 5 chapatis one on top of the other, keeping a white chapatti between 2 coloured layers and applying sata in between all the layers.

18.   Once you have arranges all the chapatis one on top of the other, apply sata on the top side of the chapatti.

19.   Now roll all the layers together as tightly as possible to resemble a pipe. (I cut the pipe in two portions as it was too long to handle)

20.   Using a sharp knife cut the pipe length wise into 2 equal halves. Again cut the halves into 2 inch thick pieces. So you will have pieces that look like semi circles.

21.   Take a portion of the dough, keep the cut side at the bottom and press it down.

22.   Carefully roll it with a rolling pin to form into a circular puri. Make sure you do not press too hard while rolling or you will disturb the layers.

23.   Fold it into half to form a semi circular shape. Stick the edges together till around ¾ the edge. Use a little moisture if required.

24.   From the gap that remains spoon the filling in. press the filling in as you fill. The kanavle should be tightly packed. Stick the remaining corner too.

25.   Using a karanji cutting wheel or a pizza cutter cut out the excess dough at the edges.

26.   Make all the kanavle ready. Allow them to dry a little in the shade. you may have to flip them over after 1 hour to air dry a little of the other side too.

27.   Deep fry them in vanaspati oil on medium to low heat till they are fried and crisp. The layers will start opening up as you fry.

28.   Store in an air tight container.

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Saturday, 8 October 2016


Diwali is arriving soon .. and before the festivities begin, delightful yummy sweet Gulab Chirote to make your celebrations even sweeter .... 


Maida / refined flour
3 cups
Red food colour
⅛ tsp
Melted Vanaspati ghee / vegetable fat
¼ cup + ¾ cup + for deep frying
Warm milk
As req.
Arrowroot powder / Cornflour powder
2 tbsp
Baking powder
½ tbsp.
2 cups
1 cup
Lime juice
2 – 3 drops
Saffron strands OR Rose water
A pinch OR 1/2 tsp
Almonds finely chopped
10 – 12 nos
Pistachios finely chopped
10 – 12 nos


1.       Beat together the arrowroot powder and ¾ cup fat till light creamy and lump free. This paste is called as ‘Sata’ or ‘Satha’ in Marathi.

2.       To the refined flour add salt, baking pdr, red food colour and ¼ cup fat, add milk as required and knead well to form a smooth dough. Consistency not hard and not too soft either, should be like chapatti dough.

3.       You can increase or decrease the amount of food colour in the dough as per your choice. Once fried the colour mellows down a little so use accordingly.

4.       Divide the dough into 9 equal sized balls. Make 3 sets of 3 dough balls each.

5.       Take the first set of the dough balls and roll each of them with a rolling pin into a thin circle.

6.       Take the first circle and apply the sata liberally to it. Don’t forget the edges.

7.       Roll this circle as tightly as possible into the shape of a pipe. Roll it up till almost ¾.

8.       Keep on applying the sata on the edges as you roll so its greased well on both sides.

9.       Take the second circle and keep it on the remaining ¼ edge of the first circle such that the first and second overlap each other.

10.   Apply sata to the second circle and keep on rolling like a pipe till you reach the ¾ of the second circle. Repeat as before and add in the third circle. Roll till the end.

11.   Continue the same with the remaining 2 sets of 3 circles each.

12.   So at this stage you will have 3 thick pipes with 3 circles each rolled into each other.

13.   Press each pipe in your hand so that it thins down and elongates a little.

14.   Keep it flat on a surface and cut each pipe into 1 - 1 ½ inch thick pieces. Make sure the pieces are not too thick or the final chirote will be too large. They should be approx. the size of your palm.

15.   Press down on the cut side of one piece so that all the spirals are seen on top. Then roll it lightly with a rolling pin to a small circular shape. Try and roll it as thinly as possible. If you hold the rolled out puri against the light you should be able to see through.

16.   Spread them onto a clean plastic sheet and allow to dry for 6 – 7 hours. Keep on turning them and flipping them over at regular intervals so that it dries from both the sides.
17.   Heat the ghee for deep frying. When the ghee gets hot, lower the flame and allow the ghee to cool a little. When you no more see the ghee smoking then its approx. the right temp.

18.   Deep fry on medium to low heat till it turns very light pink on both sides. It will puff up and all the layers on the sides will open up. If the flakes do not open then lightly press the chirota puri in the centre, that will help them open up and bloom. Remove onto a paper towel.

19.   Keep a big ‘chalni’ ready, line it with kitchen paper towels.
20.   When you remove out the chirote, keep them first standing onto the chalni, this will drain out all the excess fat from the chirote. Allow them to cool.

21.   In a separate pan take sugar and water. Heat it and bring it to a boil.

22.   Add in a few drops of lime juice, this helps to clear the syrup of any impurities.
23.   When it starts boiling reduce the flame, make sugar syrup of 2 string consistency.

24.   Once the syrup is ready, add a few strands of saffron or rose water to the syrup and switch off the flame.

25.   Now either you can dip the chirote in the sugar syrup or you can spoon the syrup on to the chirote little at a time, that’s as per your choice and convenience.

26.   Immediately sprinkle on top the chopped almonds and pistas while the syrup is still warm so that they stick.
27.   You can again keep the chirote standing so that the excess syrup drains off.

28.   If you do not want to put them in syrup then sprinkle powdered sugar on them once they are fried but still warm.

29.   When they are cooled, arrange them in a flat container with a tight fitting lid. Be careful while handling as they are very delicate. Do not pile them up when you store or they will break. 

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